In Cinemas September 5th - 9th check local listings for participating theatres and showtimes. Using documentary footage, interviews, archival recordings and original performances, The Group of Seven Guitars is feature-length film that tells the story of two parallel groups of artists: Canada’s famous Group of Seven painters, and seven luthiers who have come together to honour their work through seven original guitars inspired by the paintings. When they first met in an industrial Toronto studio in the early ‘70’s, these guitar makers: Linda Manzer, William “Grit” Laskin, Tony Duggan-Smith, Sergei de Jonge, George Gray, David Wren and Jean Larrivée, had no idea that their work would develop the craft of guitar building into an art form itself. But, much like the original painters, they have gone on to impact not just their own field but popular culture as well. Told in one feature-length film and seven short profiles, The Group of Seven Guitars brings their story to life. Featuring some of Canada’s finest guitar players, including Bruce Cockburn, Jesse Cook, Suzie Vinnick, Don Ross and more, we see and hear how the original Group of Seven have inspired all of us, and how, through art and music, we continue to keep their spirit alive